Based on the well-loved story of Aladdin, a boy who finds a magical lamp with a genie inside! The genie grants all of Aladdin’s wishes, but can Aladdin escape the wicked magician who wants the magical lamp for himself? Aladdin is from Confident Reader Level 3. It is perfect for children aged 6–7 years who

The Emperor and the Nightingale

Based on the well-loved fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, set in ancient China. When the emperor finds a little nightingale in the forest, he loves her beautiful song and they become friends. But what will he learn when he replaces her with a clockwork alternative? The Emperor and the Nightingale is from Fluent Reader

Wild Weather

Wild weather is from Confident Reader Level 3 and is perfect for more confident readers aged from 6+ who can read simple stories with help. Read It Yourself is a series of modern stories, traditional tales and first reference books written in a simple way for children who are learning to read in English. Beginner

The Camping Trip (Phonics Step 9)

Two stories that build on the phonics learned in previous steps and focus on the sound and letter combinations: igh, ear, air, ure. The Camping Trip is from Beginner Reader Level 0. It is ideal for children aged 4+ who are developing their first phonics skills. Steps 1 to 12 gradually introduce new letters and

The Mystery Drone

When Megan and Billy find a drone with an important message on it, they know they must find its owner. Find out how Bess the dog, Dad, and lots of cool gadgets help them in their quest. The Mystery Drone is from Fluent Reader Level 4. It is ideal for children aged 7+ who can

Tales from Africa – The Cheetah’s Whisker

“A love potion is not easy to make,” Grandma said to Abeba. “I need a cheetah’s whisker. Can you get one?” Recommended for children aged 3-11, the eight levels of Ladybird Readers follow the CEFR framework (Pre-A1 to A2+) and include activities that develop key skills and provide preparation for the Cambridge English tests. This

In the Air

How do birds fly? How do jet engines move a plane? Find out more about helicopters, gliders and the science of flying. Do You Know? is a series of levelled non-fiction books featuring video content, project work and critical-thinking activities to motivate and engage young learners. Covering a range of STEM topics from nocturnal animals