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Lesson ideas, videos, activity sheets and top tips from our education experts.

Building children’s confidence

Confidence, or lack of it, governs every action we take during our lives. Our thinking, decision-making, relationships with those we meet and attitudes towards the tasks we undertake, are all governed by our confidence. We, the parents and the teachers are best placed to create the conditions for building children’s confidence. This is to support

Thu Nov 19 Tony Murray
Too Many Logins – FAQs

Find out what to do if you have been directed to the ‘Too Many Logins’ page.

Mon Oct 12
Do You Know? Activities

Discover how to use different sections of these fascinating books in some Do You Know? activities. These are great for home learning with no planning required.

Fri Sep 25 Danielle Mundy
ELT Consultant
Early teaching at home

arents are the child’s first teachers. Early teaching at home may seem like a daunting prospect but remember, no-one knows your child better than you do. You spend more time with him/her than anyone else does.

Tue Aug 11 Lorna Hillman
Do You Know? – How to use this new series at home

The Do You Know? series is a new set of non-fiction EAL (English as an additional language) graded readers based around STEM topics. In this blog post, we will provide some tips and advice for using this new series at home.

Wed Aug 5 Danielle Mundy
ELT Consultant
Ladybird Readers Webinar: Teaching English at home

Watch a recording of the Ladybird Readers Webinar. The webinar is filled with useful tips and ideas to help you enjoy using Ladybird Readers at home.

Fri May 29 Vanessa Reis Esteves
ELT Consultant
Fun and educational activity ideas

Here are some fun and educational activity ideas you can use at home to keep children occupied. All of these activities are based around The Ladybird Readers range.

Thu May 21 Danielle Mundy
ELT Consultant
Early word games and activities

Children can learn to read using the ‘Scrapbook method’. It involves gathering together anything important to a young child, in a homemade book, and writing clearly related words in lower case script alongside each entry. Many more early word games and activities can follow on from this.

Sun Apr 19 Lorna Hillman
Home Learning Resources

Here are some resources which we hope that teachers, parents and students will find useful during school closures.  

Wed Mar 18
The importance of Fairy Tales in the EFL Classroom

Suggestions of possible questions/discussion topics and post reading activities that can be used to develop children’s emotional intelligence, creativity and critical thinking skills for some of the most popular fairy tales that we all know and love.

Tue Jan 21 Vanessa Reis Esteves
ELT Consultant