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Back to School Reading using Key Words

The Key Words series focuses on key words and recognition. There is a recognised science behind the books showing that this method of repetition really helps learners with the reading process. 12 key words make up 25% of what we read and write. 100 key words make up 50 % of what we read and

Tue Sep 7
Practising Phonics at Home

Phonics are the building blocks of language. Learning and practising phonics is the very first step young learners will take towards reading. Our brand new Actiphons series is an energetic phonics programme which is perfect for use at home or in the classroom. The collection of 70 books guides children through the entire phonics journey:

Thu Jul 29
Favourite Characters

Ladybird Readers offer a host of favourite characters for children including Peppa Pig, Timmy, Spot and Peter Rabbit. Favourite characters help foster a love of reading from an early age. Reading can sometimes be tricky, and using familiar characters can help relieve the fear factor. A familiar face on the page is always a great

Mon Jun 21
Reward Chart Reading

The Ladybird Readers series offers a large range of fun and engaging titles. Using reward charts alongside this series can help foster a reader’s sense of accomplishment and confidence. Reward charts can be tailored to individual learners and used in the classroom or at home. It is important to consider the needs of each learner

Wed May 26
World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day is a fantastic opportunity to devote time and effort to important environmental issues. Celebrate with your young English language leaners using activities from Ladybird Readers BBC Earth books.

Wed May 26
Starting a Book Club

One of the most effective ways to encourage reading is by reading together. A book club for younger readers is simply an extension of the activity of reading at home with a parent. Invite others to join in: school friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles or neighbours. A reading club is an ideal way to: •

Mon Apr 19
Outdoor Reading Activities

Outdoor reading activities open up a range of tactile and kinaesthetic learning opportunities. We asked educational consultant Dani Mundy for some activity inspiration to help us get active while learning to read. Time to pack a bag, get your shoes on and show your young learners that books are so much more than just a

Wed Mar 3 Danielle Mundy
ELT Consultant
Reading Aloud with Young Learners

There are lots of benefits to reading aloud with young learners. In this blog post, educational consultant Dani Mundy suggests some simple ways that you can use reading aloud techniques at home, whether you are homeschooling or reading for pleasure. Reading aloud brings a book to life and takes the frustration out of decoding unknown

Wed Jan 27 Danielle Mundy
ELT Consultant
Building Children’s Confidence

Confidence, or lack of it, governs every action we take during our lives. Our thinking, decision-making, relationships with those we meet and attitudes towards the tasks we undertake, are all governed by our confidence. We, the parents and the teachers are best placed to create the conditions for building children’s confidence. This is tosupport children

Thu Nov 19 Tony Murray
Too Many Logins – FAQs

Find out what to do if you have been directed to the ‘Too Many Logins’ page.

Mon Oct 12