The Gingerbread Man

Based on the popular classic tale. When a cheeky, freshly baked gingerbread man leaps out of the oven and runs away, he’s chased by a motley crew of characters who want to eat him for their tea! Can anyone catch him? The Gingerbread Man is from Developing Reader Level 2. It is ideal for children

Ladybird Class: The Video Game

Join Ladybird Class on another imaginative learning adventure! Nia Hedgehog, Noah Panda and friends find themselves in Zap Land, a magical video game world where they can create wonderful buildings and hunt for treasure. But some pesky witches and wizards have other ideas! Can Ladybird Class defeat them and win the game? The Video Game

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

Based on the popular classic fable. A man and a woman’s wildest dreams come true when they buy a very special goose that lays golden eggs, making them richer and richer each day! But can having lots of money make them happy forever? The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs is from Developing Reader Level 2.

The Big Dog (Phonics Step 5)

Two stories that build on the phonics learned in previous steps and focus on the sound and letter combinations: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu. The Big Dog is from Beginner Reader Level 0. It is ideal for children aged 4+ who are developing their first phonics skills. Steps 1 to 12 gradually

5a – We Like Animals

Join Peter and Jane as they set out on a whole new world of adventures! Key Words with Peter and Jane is a tried and trusted series that has taught generations of children to read. In this new edition, they are brought to life in new stories and artwork – and there are even some