Phonics Practice

This colourful activity book, featuring six friendly animal students in Ladybird Class, helps children practice phonics. Perfect for fun at-home learning, this activity book will help build your child’s confidence with reading and writing two-letter and three-letter sounds. Children will practise writing words in different contexts and learn about phonics, syllables and common tricky words,

Queen Joan (Phonics Step 7)

Two stories that build on the phonics learned in previous steps and focus on the sound and letter combinations: ai, ee, oa, oo (long), oo (short). Queen Joan is from Beginner Reader Level 0. It is ideal for children aged 4+ who are developing their first phonics skills. Steps 1 to 12 gradually introduce new

The Three Fish

Based on a popular Panchatantra story from India. Fishers have come along to the pond where three big fish live. When faced with danger, the fish make a plan to escape. Will all three of the fish get away in time? The Three Fish is from Early Reader Level 1. It is perfect for children

Akbar and Birbal: The Khichri

Based on the popular Akbar and Birbal tales from India. One day, Emperor Akbar and his chief minister Birbal make a bet that a man cannot stay in freezing water all night long. When Akbar thinks the man has cheated, how can Birbal show Akbar that he might be wrong? Akbar and Birbal: The Khichri

Peppa Pig: The Family Computer

Based on the award-winning children’s series featuring Peppa, George and all their friends! Featuring everyone’s favourite little piggy, Peppa! Peppa and George must be on their best behaviour so they can play on the computer once Mummy Pig finishes working. Can Daddy Pig come to the rescue when the computer breaks? Peppa Pig: The Family

Anansi Helps a Friend

Based on Anansi the spider folktales from West Africa and the Caribbean. Anansi’s children want to play with their friends, but the parents do not want them to! This uplifting story teaches the importance of being kind to others. Anansi Helps a Friend is from Early Reader Level 1. It is perfect for children aged

Rex the Big Dinosaur

Rex may be a big dinosaur, but he is also kind. The little dinosaurs find him too big and scary to play with, so how can Rex show them he’s a good friend to have around? Rex the Big Dinosaur is from Early Reader Level 1. It is perfect for children aged 5+ who can

The Firebird

Based on the classic tale from Russia. Prince Ivan accepts the challenge to find the magical firebird for his father, but there are other tasks he must complete first. With the help of a talking wolf, a gold-maned horse, and the lovely Princess Elena, can Prince Ivan bring the firebird back? The Firebird is from

Puss in Boots

Based on the classic fairy tale. When a miller’s son is left a cat by his father, he is shocked to find that Puss in Boots can talk – and not only that, Puss has a plan for helping the miller’s son find happiness. Puss in Boots is from Confident Reader Level 3. It is

The Human Body

The human body is amazing! Learn all about different parts of the body from the skeleton and muscles to the circulatory system and digestion in this fascinating fact-filled book. The Human Body is from Fluent Reader Level 4. It is ideal for children aged 7+ who can confidently read texts with a wider vocabulary, and