Curling Curly: Actiphons Level 2 Book 22

Curling Curly is looking for somewhere to hurl his curling stone, but the meadow and the beach aren’t quite right… Curling Curly is Book 22 of 28 in Actiphons Level 2, and is designed for an adult and child to read together. This story is also available as part of Actiphons Level 2 Box 3.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

“Why are you carrying that big bag?” asks the grasshopper. “It is a beautiful day! Let’s sing and dance!” Recommended for children aged 3-11, the eight levels of Ladybird Readers follow the CEFR framework (Pre-A1 to A2+) and include language activities that help develop key skills and provide preparation for the Cambridge English tests. This

The Bravest Fox

Foxes Kip and Tip love to play in the woods. Tip wants to see if Kip gets scared, but which one is the bravest fox? For over thirty-five years, the best-selling Read it yourself with Ladybird has helped children learn to read. All stories feature essential key words. Story-specific words are repeated to practise throughout.