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Practising Phonics at Home

Phonics are the building blocks of language. Learning and practising phonics is the very first step young learners will take towards reading. Our brand new Actiphons series is an energetic phonics programme which is perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

The collection of 70 books guides children through the entire phonics journey: from simple sounds to complex sentences.

Keep reading for our top 5 reasons to try Actiphons, or visit these pages to find out more about using Actiphons in your context:

Find out more about using Actiphons at Home
Find out more about using Actiphons in the Classroom

Five Reasons to Try Actiphons

1. Actiphons is Active
Each book practises a key sound, pairing it with a movement. This is hugely important for young learners who often prefer a more tactile and kinaesthetic learning approach. Movement can help with engagement, interest, and motivation.

2. Actiphons is Fun
Each book has an ‘Actiphon Star’, a fun character representing the phonics sound. Meet Yoga Yasmin, Cycling Ching, Speedy Faheem, Leaping Livia, Violet Volleyball, Walking Wendy and many more! The Actiphons Stars help bring the sounds to life.

3. Actiphons is Helpful
Actiphons is brilliant if you don’t know where to start with phonics. With online resources such as the parents’ guide and pronunciation videos, Actiphons makes it easy practising phonics at home. You won’t need any background knowledge: the Actiphons series resources will guide you step by step.

4. Actiphons is Engaging
Print the free activity sheets, flashcards, songbooks, reward charts and so much more! The printables are bright, colourful and eye catching for young learners. You’ll have plenty of fun activities to accompany your reading.

5. Actiphons is Digital
Each book has a host of additional free resources included, such as an eBook and audiobook. This caters for both auditory and visual learners and helps make phonics fun for all learners. If your child finds e-readers or tablets more engaging than books, the ebook could be a great solution. If they enjoy being read to, why not try out the audiobook?