Tips and activities for reading in English with very young learners
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Tips and activities for reading in English with very young learners

Ladybird Readers Beginner level books help little ones learn and practice their first words in English. Explore tips and activities for reading in English with very young learners.

Ladybird Readers Beginner BooksThe Ladybird Readers Beginner level introduces everyday phrases, such as ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’, and focuses on vocabulary that very young learners can use in daily life. The simple text and repetition develop understanding, while speaking and listening activities encourage confidence.

Tips for reading in English with very young learners

Ready to introduce English to your young learners? Here are some tips and ideas for a positive start:

  • Make it fun!
  • Keep it short and know when to stop.
  • Act the book out.
  • Read aloud together.
  • Read the book more than once.
  • Change the intonation of your voice to help maintain interest.
  • If your learner loses concentration, put the book down and pick it up at another time.
  • Be as interactive as possible.
  • Introduce a special daily time for reading.
  • Use a book corner – somewhere comfortable and relaxed.

Fun activities using a Ladybird Readers Beginner book

Thomas and the Monkeys

1. Spark interest with some questions about the cover:

Where is Thomas?

What can you see?

What colours can you see on Thomas?

Let’s count the monkeys we can see on the front cover.

Thomas and the Monkeys

 2. Look at the pictures and describe what is going on

Can you describe the monkey?

What is he doing?

3. Use the post-reading activities

The mini dialogues in the back of each book are a great way to repeat key words from the book. Take it turns to ask and answer the questions. Think about other questions you can add to the dialogues too.

4. Bring the book to life

Thomas and the Monkeys is all about coconuts. If you can, try buying a coconut to help bring the book to life for your young learners. Objects can assist with remembering key words, act as association to remember the story and they can make it fun! Once you have a coconut, try the following with your young learner:

Touch it

Shake it

Smell it

Eat it

Cook with it in some way

Hold it up each time it is mentioned in the story and shout coconut!




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