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Lorna Hillman

Lorna Hillman is William Murray’s daughter. Her twenty-year teaching career culminated in a primary school headship, after which she worked as a separation and loss counsellor. She is married, has two daughters and six grandchildren.

Posts by Lorna Hillman

How to Begin Early Teaching at Home
Thu Jun 13 The earliest teaching begins before school or nursery, in your very own home. Here a teacher gives her tips and tricks (with some added inspiration too!) so you can help them thrive before formal education.
Lorna Hillman
Early Word Games and Activities to Try at Home
Thu Jun 13 Learning to read can involve far more than just books! These early-word activities can easily be implemented in the home and help you extend their reading experience.
Lorna Hillman
How I learned to Read Using ‘The Scrapbook Method’
Thu Jun 13 Lorna Hillman's father created the iconic Key Words series. Discover her scrapbook method of introducing reading to young learners which was inspired by her childhood.
Lorna Hillman