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Lorna Hillman

Lorna Hillman is William Murray’s daughter. Her twenty-year teaching career culminated in a primary school headship, after which she worked as a separation and loss counsellor. She is married, has two daughters and six grandchildren.

Posts by Lorna Hillman

Early teaching at home
arents are the child's first teachers. Early teaching at home may seem like a daunting prospect but remember, no-one knows your child better than you do. You spend more time with him/her than anyone else does.
Thu Jun 13 Lorna Hillman
Early word games and activities
Children can learn to read using the 'Scrapbook method'. It involves gathering together anything important to a young child, in a homemade book, and writing clearly related words in lower case script alongside each entry. Many more early word games and activities can follow on from this.
Thu Jun 13 Lorna Hillman
The Scrapbook Method
Lorna Hillman's father created the iconic Key Words series. Discover her scrapbook method of introducing reading to young learners which was inspired by her childhood.
Thu Jun 13 Lorna Hillman