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Early teaching at home

Parents are the child’s first teachers. Early teaching at home may seem like a daunting prospect but remember, no-one knows your child better than you do. You spend more time with him/her than anyone else does. Teachers are trained to take over the reins when children reach school age, but often because of large class sizes, their contact time with individual children is extremely limited. So, as your child’s first teachers, and as you watch your child learn, grow and thrive, relax and enjoy it!

The early learning process

Much of what young children learn, is by example. They are like sponges, absorbing from all the stimuli they see around them.  Children’s worlds start off small, and as they grow, so does their excitement and wonder for the bigger, wider world. They normally learn first by listening, making sounds and beginning to talk. They then follow on with the more formal activities of reading and writing.

Teaching at home

As parents you are already teaching your child language…to listen and to talk. As both your own and your child’s confidence grow, it is fostered by affection, security, praise and encouragement.

Teaching and learning at home should be happy experiences, with success building on success. If formal lessons are too stressful, use more creative and playful methods. Emotions play an important part in learning….fun and laughter foster interest and excitement.

Long before you hand your child a mobile phone or tablet look at the activities below that prepare any child for more formal learning:

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