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International Day of Families

The topic of families is one that comes up every term in school curriculums. Books can help learners focus on a particular topic and bring it to life. Ladybird Readers have a range of books that focus on the theme of families.

Use the International Day of Families as a focal point for vocabulary related to families in your classroom.

Some ideas for activities:

1) Make a Family Tree

A family tree can be adapted for higher and lower level learners, for lower levels learners keep the vocabulary to 3-4 family members and add onto this number for higher level learners. Download our template or ask learners to create their own personal tree. To create personalised trees, allow each child to draw or paint a picture of a tree. Then give them a selection of sticky post it notes to place their family members.

2) Use a song to focus on the topic of families.

Songs are an effective way to help consolidate a topic, a grammar point or a way to just help engage the learners.Use the song ‘We are Family’, there is a chipmunk version which children really enjoy. You can play the song to introduce the topic and idea of families, give the learner a few lines of the song and tippex out the word family and see if they can identify it from listening or use it as a consolidation activity at the end of the topic.

3) Play Guess Who

This is a fun communicative game to get the students talking. Give each student a family member and they need to describe it in as much detail as they can to a partner, a group or the class. The other learners need to guess who the family member is for the description.

4) Create a family adventure.

In many Ladybird Readers the topic of the family is evident. Peppa Pig always has adventures with her family, ask learners to make up their own adventure using their family members.

Here are some other great books to use to talk about the topic of families:

Topsy and Tim

Use Ladybird Readers to focus on the relationship of siblings in general. Elicit information about students who have siblings or are a twin like Topsy and Tim.

Hansel and Gretel

A classic tale that also focuses on the relationship between siblings and the adventure they have together. Read the book and talk about how Hansel and Gretel take care of each other.

Download and print a PDF of these activities here.