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Do You Know? Activities

Do You Know? is a series of levelled non-fiction books featuring video content, project work and critical-thinking activities to motivate and engage young learners. Get ready to explore these fascinating books in some new Do You Know? activities. These are perfect for home learning and don’t require any planning or preparation. Each book in this series also has lesson plans, audio, videos and the answer keys which are all available to browse on this website.

Do You Know? Activities

Animal Families

1. Exploring new words

Review the ‘New words’ with your young learners. Ask them to guess the key words for the pictures and use this as a pre-reading task.

2. Using videos

Read through the text with your young learner and use the pictures to enhance the text. After reading, watch the video and use the questions at the bottom of page 7 as a focal point.

Coral Reefs

1. Discuss the front cover

Use the visuals on the front of the book and ask if your learner knows anything about coral reefs.

This is a useful starter activity before any reading takes place.

2. Reading and comprehension

Read the two pages above with your student. Use the ‘Look’ question at the bottom right as a useful tool to test comprehension.


1. Using the Contents page

Choose some of the questions from the contents page to see if your young learner has any prior knowledge of the topic. This is an effective way to discuss the topic and set the scene of the topic before any reading takes place.

2. Project tasks

Read the pages above with your student, then use the Project task at the bottom right to help reinforce the topic and take the focus away from reading. This is an effective task to integrate further language skills and reinforce the main ideas from the book.

Animals and The Weather

Using learning materials on the website

There are a huge range of resources to use in each title. Animals and the Weather has three videos that learners can watch. Each video has a transcript, which can be a useful tool because you can use the transcript to ask questions about the content.

There are individual lesson plans for each title which means anyone can use the books with their child. The lesson plans will guide you through each activity and there is an answer key too!

The lesson plans focus on a range of language areas including grammar which is graded appropriately for the level of the book.

The audio is a resource that can be used before reading or post reading. It is an effective tool for audio learners and can really help bring the book to life.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new series in these Do You Know? activities.