Make learning easy and fun with your friends in Ladybird Class!

From writing their first letter to solving their first maths problem, Learn with Ladybird books are full of educational games and fun activities to help children develop key skills for school.

Welcome to Ladybird Class!

The pupils of Ladybird Class are here to make learning fun and to help your child with each book and every activity.

What will you learn today?

Learn with Ladybird is based on the UK EYFS and KS1 curriculum. The books support your child’s school learning by giving them a fun way to practise their skills, consolidate their knowledge, or challenge themselves to tackle something new.

3-5 Wipe-clean

What’s inside the books?

  • Helpful parent tips for each book and topic
  • A handy answers page at the back
  • Support for left-handed children
  • Opportunities for the child to assess their learning and discuss how they feel about it
  • Fun games and activities
  • … and much more!
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Our Expert Partners

We have been working hard with these two charities to make sure that disabled children are represented inclusively and accurately in Learn with Ladybird.

Everyone is welcome in Ladybird Class!


Pace is a children’s charity that transforms the lives of children and young people with neurodisabilities, such as cerebral palsy.

Pace helped create Zara Penguin.

Child Autism UK

Child Autism UK is a charity that aims for each child to fulfil their individual potential as an autistic person, and for their family and supporters to be empowered to advocate effectively.

Child Autism UK helped create Noah Panda.

We have even more fun activity books coming out in 2023!